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A feathered flock and fresh eggs right in your own backyard.


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Siding Finish Types


Keep the rustic look with a board and batten sided coop and a high quality, durable stain.


Choose from a variety of colors with our painted siding options.



Humane Conditions

Small coops offer a more humane environment for the flock than the large industrial chicken operations.

Farm at home

Listen to roosters crowing and chickens clucking when you get up in the morning. Stroll outside to admire your mini farm.


Raising chickens in small backyard coops makes for healthier chickens and eggs.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

“Our goal is to provide quality products and friendly service
that will add value to your home and life.”


Photo Gallery

7'x12' Classic

  • Light Green with Navajo White Trim
  • Copper Rooster Weather Vane

6'x10' Quaker Combination

  • Mushroom Stain
  • 5′ House / 5′ Run

7'x24' Custom Coop

  • 7’x12′ House / 7’x12′ Run
  • Window Wire
  • Clean-out Lid with Litter Trays

5'x8' High Wall Quaker

  • Country Cedar Stain
  • Pine Board & Batten Siding

A-Frame Combination

  • Navajo White with Chestnut Brown Trim
  • Urethane Stain

4'x6' A-Frame

  • Tan with White Trim
  • Weatherwood Shingles


  • 12’x12′ House with (2) 12’x8′ Runs
  • Red with White Trim
  • Barkwood Shingles

Nesting Boxes

4'x5' Lean-To

  • Tan with White Trim
  • Charcoal Shingles

    Quaker with Wheels

    Enjoying their home!

    Lean-to Combination

    Options to Consider

    Make It Even Better

    Electrical package

    The coop electrical package includes a vapor proof light, switch, and 1 outlet.

    Exhaust Fan

    Keep your feathered friends comfortable with the fan option in your coop.

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