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Regain the enjoyment of relaxing in the backyard while being protected from the sun and rain. Plan a lively pool party, host an outdoor wedding, or design a hot tub haven. The choice is yours. The benefits are real.


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Material Types

Vinyl Gazebos

Enjoy the beauty of a gazebo with the low maintenance of vinyl. With heavy-duty floor, composite deck boards, and beautiful 1×6 tongue & groove roof boards, it’s sure to be a place you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Wood Gazebos

Like the natural wood look? Then you’ll love our wooden gazebos. With a heavy-duty floor, laminated posts, and #1 premium grade lumber, you can be confident that your gazebo will add lasting beauty to your property.

Gazebo Styles


The traditional 8 sided gazebo


Similar to the octagon gazebo, but with additional space


Maximize your space with a rectangle gazebo


Similar to the octagon, but with 12 sides instead of 8


Built to your custom specifications



Enjoy the Outdoors

Enjoy spending time in your backyard without worrying about the beating sun and rain.

Relaxation and Rest

The world is busy. Life is busy. Sometimes we need a comfortable place to quiet our minds and relax. A gazebo can provide that perfect place to rest while you read your favorite book or spend time soaking in the hot tub.

Great for Events

Gazebos are a great space to have gorgeous weddings, splashing pool parties, and laughs with friends over your favorite summer meal.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

“Our goal is to provide quality products and friendly service
that will add value to your home and life.”

Beautiful Gazebos

Photo Gallery

10' Octagon Gazebo

Country Style

  • White Vinyl
  • Cupola

14' Octagon Gazebo

Country Style

  • Ivory Vinyl
  • Cupola
  • Screens

16' Octagon Gazebo

Country Style

  • White Vinyl
  • Pagoda Roof
  • Cupola
  • Superior 5×5 Posts
  • No Floor

10x20 Rectangle Gazebo

Baroque Style

  • Ivory Vinyl
  • Cupola
  • Screens

16x16 Rectangle Gazebo

Dutch Style

  • Wood
  • Screens
  • No Top Spindles

20x40 Rectangle Gazebo

Country Style

  • White Vinyl
  • 5×5 Posts
  • Screens
  • Standing Seam Metal Roof

hot tub Haven

Enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing in your hot tub.

Accent your backyard

Add beauty and tranquility to one of the favorite places on your property.

    Perfect for Parties

    Celebrate a birthday with a backyard party, or have friends over for barbecue.

      Options to Consider

      Make It Even Better


      Protect your family from mosquitoes and bugs. Screens in the floor help keep crawling bugs out, while side panel screens and a screen door help provide 360 degree protection from your least favorite critters.

      Electrical Package

      Want a light or fan in your gazebo? Get our electrical package so you will be ready for all your electrical needs. Our standard package includes one switch and one receptacle, and you can add additional receptacles as needed. 

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